2016 Geneva Motor Show Colour Analysis

Yet again Driven To Write spoils its loyal readers with an article worth millions of money. It’s an exclusive colour chip analysis of the main concept cars and launches at this year’s show.

2016 Geneva colours
2016 Geneva colours: colours sampled from here

If you Google the term “2016 Geneva Motor Show Colour Analysis” you won’t get a much more exact result than this page.

A bit of orange - the 2016 ItalDesign GTZero. The painted it that colour on the other side as well: source
A bit of orange – the 2016 ItalDesign GTZero. They painted it that colour on the other side as well: source.

The main result is that there is a whole lot of white, a whole lot of metallic grey and one, single green car, the AC Schnitzer – and that’s flat green. To be honest, I didn’t try sampling the metallic greys. I copied the Levante’s unimaginative colour instead. They might not actually be the same if you took a blob of one and put in on another car – but to all purposes and every intent they are “don’t notice me” grey metallic. I was surprised Volvo chose this colour for the launch of their V90 estate. It makes the car look like it´s been on sale since 2012. Or 2006. And that’s a shame as it’s a lovely, lovely nice machine.

Skoda showed a charming aquamarine; Peugeot went with a dark, burgundy metallic brown which showed up terribly in photos but would look nice in the sun. It is with the oranges here in this diagram – it’s hard to tell really. You wonder how much the location affects the colour choice: the flat colours show up quite well in the chaotic lighting environment of the Palexpo. They could look ghastly in Stourbridge or Kilkenny.

I learned ItalDesign showed a concept car, the GTZero. The most interesting thing about it is that it was painted flat orange. I think there is more orange this year and 1994 Buick Bordeaux/1997 Rover Metallic Red was not apparent to any great extent. In New York they went wild with this colour (and that included Alfa who this time showed their Giulia in mid-metallic blue). Note: the Citroen is represented by the Space Mover van and it’s either light grey or white but with grey details and bri-orange accents. The Lambo had yellow accents with a mainly metallic grey body. Nissan showed a concept car: a metallic grey the same as the Levante and everyone’s leased Audi A4 since 1996.

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4 thoughts on “2016 Geneva Motor Show Colour Analysis”

  1. I missed the Buick Bordeaux metallic red that Fiat used on their new Tipo.
    There are probably some more colours to be added. Still, the general mix is probably representative.

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