Ashtrays: 1974 IMV1600 Super-B-Turist

Driven to write continues its determined efforts to catalogue the world’s automotive ashtrays.

1974 Renault Estafette ashtray
1974 IMV 1600 super B turist interior

You’d think the dealer would know what they were selling. You’d think maybe I’d check. The vehicle is labelled as a Renault Estafette even if it has an IMV badge on the front. The eagle-eyed Sean spotted that the car was not what I claimed it was in the original version of this post. Let’s deal with the important stuff first….
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Theme : Japan – Introduction

The Editor introduces DTW’s first single country theme

1966 Toyota Corona - image :
1966 UK specification Toyota Corona – image :

My standard answer to American acquaintances who asked me why, despite their entire continent and the rest of Europe doing otherwise, the UK and Ireland still insist on driving on the left hand side of the road, was that we were only conforming with the largest motor vehicle manufacturing nation on Earth. That nation was, of course, Japan, a country reasonably larger than the UK, but considerably smaller than France. Continue reading “Theme : Japan – Introduction”