Theme: Japan – Curbside Classics Appreciates the Toyota Crown

Driven to Write has featured this car before, not once but twice.  

1971 Toyota Crown: source
1971 Toyota Crown: source

Given this month’s theme and the fact that we like Curbside Classics here, we link to a nice and short featurette about the Toyota Crown. As usual, there are some useful comments below the main article which also include some photos of the interior.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

5 thoughts on “Theme: Japan – Curbside Classics Appreciates the Toyota Crown”

    1. That´s remarkable. It´s both a tidy sum and also very good value for really rare vehicle. I wonder what it is like to drive: quite vintage if you are used to punting a Suzuki Swift around the place. There´s another rarity I´d like to try.

    2. Reading more, it was imported from Norway. Hence the left hand drive. It is, unfortunately, manual with a floor shift. Either an auto or, at least, a column shift would be my preference.Nevertheless, it does look very tempting, Were I a time-wasting tyre kicker, I’d certainly pop down to Dorking to try it.

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