Theme: Japan – 1989 Nissan S-Cargo

I mentioned this car in a thread to an earlier article and felt the need to show some pictures and make a comment or two.

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The S-Cargo was launched in 1988 at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was one of a series of limited edition cars from what was known as the Pike Factory section at Nissan. I remember the instant like I had for what I saw and it has never faded.

The S-Cargo is clearly a homage to the classic 2CV van which was popular as an import to Japan in that era. Inside there are strong 2CV themes – minimalist features, strictly functional styling, and a dash mounted gear control enabling the two front seats to be set together.

One of the things that I admire about it is the fact that, whilst this likeness is clear in a number of styling themes, the car has an identity and character of its own. This differentiates it from, say, the current FIAT 500, or any of the BMW MINIs – it’s more like what Rover achieved with the Spiritual concepts that could have been. It was never officially imported to the UK, but some grey imports were achieved. To see one now is a rare treat.

[Image sources: exterior, interior.]

Author: S.V. Robinson

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5 thoughts on “Theme: Japan – 1989 Nissan S-Cargo”

  1. The thing about the S-Cargo, and so many of the supposed ‘left-field’ Japanese cars is how practical they are. It isn’t all style over content – the height, layout and glassy load bay makes this a car nicer city van than, say, a Vauxhall Corsavan. The same can be said about all the Pike Factory cars, as well as various others.

    Incidentally, apart from memories of the original Mini, is this the vehicle responsible for re-introducing the nice looking but ergonomically stupid, central speedo?

  2. There is a Deli called “Snails” in Rhiwbina, Cardiff that uses one of these as a delivery/promo vehicle. Made me smile the first time I saw it!

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