A Detail For Sunday: 1991 Renault Espace

Until now this detail of the Mk2 Espace eluded me. Isn’t it uncannily like a certain large French car shown first in early 1989?


And here is the best stock image I have to hand.

1989 Citroen XM
1989 Citroen XM

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

4 thoughts on “A Detail For Sunday: 1991 Renault Espace”

  1. Isn’t perception a fickle beast? As a young boy, it was those wing mirrors that defined the Espace in my eyes. So much so that they were also one of the main reason why I didn’t like Mk 3, which featured mirrors handled in similarly awkward a fashion as the Opel Vectra B.

    1. The Vectra B’s mirrors troubled me not at all; ditto the XM. The Espace’s mirrors here are also satisfactory. On the other hand the next Espace which we covered here recently has mirrors that push the theme to breaking point.
      Perceptions- indeed, I remember with astonishing (and wholly disproportionate emphasis) the very mirrors we have under discussion here.

    2. Interesting as in ‘yeah, that tastes… interesting’, I’ll go that far. Which is arguably better than the white bread rest of the car.

      I just never liked the execution of those mirrors: it appeared gimmicky for the sake of it, like a smokescreen intended to distract from the utter dreariness of the car itself.

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