Micropost: The Granada’s American Cousin

What’s this if not the inspiration for the Euro-Granada from the early 1970’s. 


American readers will know more precisely what this is. My diagnosis is no sharper than to say it’s a 1968-1974 Ford Galaxie. The script is the same as on a Mk 1 Granada GLX which we featured here. So, did Merkenich use the same design, sent over in the post from Dearborn? 


Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

7 thoughts on “Micropost: The Granada’s American Cousin”

  1. Definitely prefer the Granada (one of the nicest ever big Fords) coupe but the influence is certainly undeniable. Not sure why but raised white lettering on tyre sidewalls never did it for me.

    1. Isn’t the lettering like outsized logos on a t-shirt? It looks right for the muscle cars, less so on a 1992 Olds 98 Regency Elite or a Nissan Tone.

    2. Not big on oversize logos on t-shirts either! Can’t believe there was ever a Nissan Tone with such tyres.

  2. Before Jack Telnack, who was Ford’s chief designer? Gene Bordinat?
    I’d like to know who styled this generation of cars. Where did that “look” emerge from? I spent 90 minutes Googling Telnack, Ghia, Bordinat and J Mays kept coming up (uselessly). I think Bordinat was the head honcho until 1980. Ford’s design history is quite low key compared to GM’s.
    The game I was playing was to link the three cars shown today somehow. How do you get from Triumph to Astra via Galaxie 500?

  3. That be yer 1968 Ford Galaxie 500XL Fastback with vinyl roof and completely out-of-context auto parts store wheels and tires some decades newer giving it unexpected ground clearance. It copied some of the ’66 Chev front and rear side lamp treatment as seen side on. Beached whales for those who thought they were going NASCAR racing. Even with a 428 cu in 7 liter (if they had one this how they spelled it) they were not quick. Curbside Classic did it and you can see what it really looks like on titchy wheels and covers, and without the glamorous vinyl roof.


    1. To be fair, the brochure imagery is excellent though the greenish one parked by the forest is melancholy.
      I don’t have a good sense for authenticity with US cars. It’s hard for me to know what was original and I assume cars with modded bits just tend to look that way. Could it be that people who import these from N America like the sorts of mods these cars have? Looking American is more important than looking OEM-ish?

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