Micropost: 1972-1975 Ford Consul 3.0 GT

As well as being the car from the Sweeney, the Consul is where Ford UK’s gradual loss of independence began.

1972 Ford Granada Consul 3.0 GT
1972 Ford Granada Consul 3.0 GT

The nameplate came from an earlier line of British Fords, indicating a lower level of accoutrification. It also masked the German Ford input to the line of cars better known as Granadas. Gradually Ford UK built fewer models: the Granada was followed by the Cortina, Escort and Fiesta. Now the Mondeo is a US-EU effort. It kicked off here.

Here is the badge:

The rear looks good from the side; in three-quarter view the materials are at odds with the sculpting:


And here’s the front. The lighting angle didn’t help:


The ashtray is fabulous with really smooth action after forty-odd years. As Myles Gorfe would say “that’s the Ford touch”.


And open:


Those brochures:image

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

6 thoughts on “Micropost: 1972-1975 Ford Consul 3.0 GT”

  1. I’m confused; surely the car in the picture is a post ’75 (judging by the colour) Granada Ghia Coupe. The Consul name was only used for the ’72 to ’74 L and GT trim levels if I remember correctly. During the same period the Granada was available as a GXL and estate (seemingly without trim level). Maybe things were different outside the UK and I am just going by my nerdy memory so apologies if I’m wrong.

    1. Hi: The car is in Denmark and sports Consul badges. The owner has brochures from ’72 and ’74. I’ll paste extra images into the article.

  2. This car has a good, standard Ford Consul interior. The Ghia had an altogether more opulent one which wooden door cappings.
    It seems that the coupe came in two forms (early and revised as here) and bore Consul and Granada nameplates. I think that the Granada Ghia coupe used this body and note the one with the coke-bottle sides.
    Is it me or is it fair to say the Vignale is not as lovely as the Ghia interpretation of lushness. It’s appealing but not quite right. It’s busy. The Ghia is more elegant.

  3. I agreed with Mark that this didn’t seem very Consully to me but, on looking further, I think it is. I thought the vinyl roof might have been an addition by a later owner, but probably the vinyl-less versions I’m remembering are the short-lived coke-bottle coupes – they must have bombed extraordinarily for Ford to rebody the Coupe so quickly. Certainly, from my Sweeney memories, the wheels and foglights look convincigly Consul GT to me.

  4. Although any coupe is undoubtedly a nonce’s car, otherwise the whole stance of this Granada on those fat tyres is just asking you to thrash it around some South London backstreets ending up bouncing through some potholes in a Catford scrapyard and slewing to a diagonal halt.

    Richard, what is the Danish for ‘Geezer’?

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