Micropost: 2014 Suzuki Alto Lapin Chocolat

This rather festive and cheery car shows how much colour and material can add to what is a very basic concept.

2016 Suzuki Lapin Chocolat. (c) autoblog-com

I’d be the first to agree that this is not for everyone. On the other hand, having looked at a thousand grey interiors with bits of brightwork thrown about, this is a refreshing view. I’d argue that a lot more work needs to be done to explore acceptable alternatives to grey and black interiors which are now as tediously predictable as the all-beige or light-grey interiors that were once dominant in the 90s.

2013 Suzuki Alto Lapin Chocolat X interior: source
2013 Suzuki Alto Lapin Chocolat X interior: source

The colour break-up is very well handled and overall the effect manages to be interesting without being busy. Is it really only women at whom this car is aimed? It seems in line with what Lancia might have offered not so long ago and perhaps Citroen and Fiat might also be able to offer a vehicle like this. The distinct touch is the orange piping. The quilting on the seats adds a friendly textural character.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

14 thoughts on “Micropost: 2014 Suzuki Alto Lapin Chocolat”

    1. I’ve been particularly taken with the Lapin Chocolat for some time. Were it available in the UK, I think it might wean me away from the Cube. This is only one interior scheme, I believe. This is really the car I’d have liked BMW’s original rebooted MINI to be. Of course, if it had been, MINI would likely be a forgotten brand in the UK by now, such is my empathy with the marketplace.

  1. Should I ever feel the urge to get myself a city car, it’ll be a tight race between this, the i3 and a Fiat X1/9.

  2. More of that, please! In Europe!

    For hardcore interior style lovers, I suggest a Suzuki Alto Aalto with all-wooden trim and upholstery — complete with a glass vase on the dashboard.

  3. Aren´t there some roots of the Renault 4 in this car?
    The interior is fantastic, that is true. The entire interior shows the same pretty design concept.

  4. There’s another Lapin variant that has a very Mini Clubman-like front end. The Roy Haynes one, not the BMW abomination.

    The diamond pattern upholstery reminds me of the Borgward BX7. I’m starting to think Beiqi Foton should take a break from photocopying Audi SUVs and come up with a Ghoul Lloyd on Lapin lines – payback time for the 1955 Suzulight SF.

  5. Here is another colour scheme.

    Particularly impressive about this version is the zero-G, no-roll suspension system, allowing you to transport 3 tiered cakes in the confidence that they will arrive at their destination in their entirety.

    1. I prefer the one I showed. Still, hats off to Suzuki for making it.
      Over at Autoscout I found a 1981 Senator 3.0 with a mustard yellow velour interior. Wooden door cappings too. As was sagely pointed out here the owner was keeping this car when thinking of the colours.

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