Design Micropost: Zagato versus Citroen

Zagato is interesting and Aston Martin is less so. Citroen was interesting and is less so. What do they have in common?

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Pretty much nothing except that both the rather costly Aston Martin Zagato of 2016 and the rather cheap Citroen C1 have a similarly unappealing faux-wraparound windscreen-to-side-glass.

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Theme : Materials – Keeping It Clean

We reach for the Carnauba Wax and Ostrich Feather duster, then have second thoughts.

Dirty car art
Site specific car art by Scott Wade – image :

There’s something both satisfying and unnatural about a clean car. Cars aren’t like people on any level but, specifically, because they are never going to improve with age. Cars don’t have a difficult teenage period then bloom into mid-life vigour. Apart from a running-in period which might ease up a few parts, and running-in isn’t a big deal anyway these days, cars are on the downhill path from Day One… Continue reading “Theme : Materials – Keeping It Clean”