4 thoughts on “Micropost: Fiat Panda (1980 – 2003)”

  1. Back in 1982, I nearly bought a new Panda to replace a Renault 5. It was basic, both in appointments and ride comfort, but immensely likeable. In the end, I decided it just wasn’t big enough for me to use for my job and bought something larger and not so likeable.

    I notice quite a lot of those are 4X4s, from the days when, if you wanted a budget 4WD for the mountains, it was the default if you didn’t want a Lada Niva. They’re more likely to survive than the front drivers.

  2. Fiat do small utilitarian cars so well, and the design is spot on. Simple, but full of clever little details.

    A version with a mid-mounted Integrale motor would be fun!

  3. The Panda is another example of the original asymmetric design being far superior to the more anodyne facelift with the corporate grill. The original series also had a rather wonderful interior with cloth-lined dash and satchel-like glove compartment.

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