Far From the Mainstream: Acura

There aren´t so many Acuras on sale in Europe at the moment. 

That´s a characteristically German sort of background. 2000 Acura TL 3.2: source.
2000 Acura TL 3.2: source

If you are interested Acura provides an avenue into a more exclusive form of Honda ownership, with prices ranging from €2,550 for a year 2000 TL to €124,000 for a 2011 TL. Some mistake, surely? The first one with a photo is this charmer, a 2000 Acura TL with a 3.2 litre V6.

What is an Acura? The idea with the Acura line was to offer a more “premium” product to Honda customers, much as Lexus provided Toyota customers cars more expensive than the Toyota nameplate could sustain. With Xedos Mazda attempted to go premium and Nissan had a go with Infiniti.

Acura hasn’t been a huge success for Honda. They still present the cars as being “near luxury” or “semi-premium” even if parsing those distinctions is something of a subjective game. Volvo, Mercury, Saab and Buick all hover in that netherworld. It doesn’t help that Acuras look pretty much like you’d expect a Honda to look. They resemble an alternative line of Honda’s and not a set of cars designed by an entirely different group of people. On the plus side, they’re good looking vehicles. I’ve liked most of the recent Accords (barring the one one that looked like a mash-up of an Opel Omega and a BMW 3-series) and Acuras look good in the same style. The Acura TL is much the same kind of thing as an Accord: solid, neat styling but not more solid or more neat than Honda. I just can’t see where the extra money goes or put another way, why a Honda is cheaper than an Acura. With Lexus you can see the cost difference.

Autoblog said this about the  2000 Acura, which was the second generation of TL: “The Acura TL offers performance, styling, luxury and value. Completely redesigned and re-engineered just last year, the TL comes with a powerful 3.2-liter V6 engine, a nicely balanced suspension, a rigid chassis and classy styling. For 2000, Acura has replaced the four-speed automatic transmission with Sportshift with a wonderful new five-speed Sportshift. Advanced side-impact airbags were added. Revisions to the engine increase mid-range acceleration performance and reduce emissions.”  The rest of the review is quite illuminating and suggests the TL is quite a decent car. The price for that is a reasonable.€ 2,550.  With 20K fewer kilometres is an Acura RL from the same year. It´s another pleasant Honda-esque car, for €3,850. Most of the rest of the list is made up of Acura Integras and recent CUVs such as the MDX (aren’t their names really useless?).

The small ads are full of rubbish: the last two items on the Acura list are an NSX for €100,000 and a TL for €124,124. I suppose it´s quite new: from 2014. The kilometres are a suspicious 12,441.

Author: richard herriott

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5 thoughts on “Far From the Mainstream: Acura”

  1. I certainly do like the Acura on display here – but what is this ‘Europe’ you keep on talking about?

    1. It’s an island off the coast of Britain, populated by people who believe in mutual respect, tolerance, fair play, decency, etc. Totally deluded. No wonder you’ve never heard of it.

  2. What is this UK people speak of? It is an island floating in the North Atlantic. It will break up into an archipelago of tiny islets that will soon be washed away by the sea.

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