Far From the Mainstream: ACM Biaggini Passo

As we work our way down the list of lesser-brands, we come to ACM Biaggini Passo.

1990-1993 ACM Biaggini Passo: source
1990-1993 ACM Biaggini Passo: source

If you want one there are 7 on sale at Autoscout24 but some might not be the real thing. Judging by the numbers, an ACM Biaggini Passo is a 4×4 cabriolet based on the Mk1 Golf. The one shown here has its own grille and a few extra touches to signal its off-road intent. The interior had a huge tubular bar fitted across the dashboard. Prices are flimsy to firm. A cheap one costs in the region of €4000 and they go on up to whatever someone typed in at the time, say, €15,000.

1990-1993 ACM Biaggini Passo: source
1990-1993 ACM Biaggini Passo: source

Since only 63 of these vehicles rolled off the line, this little trove of them represents a fair proportion of those remaining and perhaps explains the wildly variable prices. ACM, in Italy, made them from 1990 to 1993.

Isn’t this vehicle a little ahead of its time? Land Rover make a convertible version of their Evoque. It might be a little more refined but it’s the same thing. Prizes for anyone who can think of other such short-run variants. I say “prizes” but I mean only metaphorical ones, of course.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

10 thoughts on “Far From the Mainstream: ACM Biaggini Passo”

  1. Wow! Thanks Richard for bringing to light a vehicle and manufacturer I’d never heard of ( and I’m a complete car nerd ). It certainly is ahead of its time in concept if not execution. I’d imagine it being good fun to own if you lived in some remote beach shack and owned a business in some other beach shack in some laid back place with a warm climate – the sort of scenario that only exists in ads and Hollywood films.

    1. Not many fitted into the scenario. The off-road convertible might be of use in a safari setting or in some rough bit of the Med. Further north the convertible and 4×4 characters are mutually exclusive.

  2. Except where I live, at least, I noticed during the last warm, sunny spell that most convertible drivers keep their hoods up, possibly proving that convertibles are bought for reasons that a sane, rational mind could never fathom.

  3. Never seen this car before – thanks very much for presenting this jewel. Would be nice to know how much it costs as a new car. Surprisingly much – i suggest.
    I like this car. A very good mix of parts from different cars. The simple square head- and rearlights (from the Kadett D?) are perfect for a car that wants to look solid. Better than VW did with the Golf Syncro.

    Before i saw this car i thought Moretti is the brand if you are on the hunt for an exotic italian Offroader.
    The Midimaxi and the Sporting are pretty rare too.


    1. Perhaps it’s just as well dear Pio Manzu never lived to see it.

  4. On the matter of the ACM Biagini Passo, it’s a most odd thing. The designers have bust a gut to disguise its origin, which is a coachbuilt variant of a car already defunct except in that version.

    The Vitara was already around, the ‘softback’ Opel Frontera was a near contemporary, and the Freelander Sport wasn’t far away. What on earth were these ACM people thinking?

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