A Photoseries For Sunday: 1973-1979 Daimler Vanden Plas

This set is courtesy of Mick, our Leinster correspondent. Let us glory in its bronzey-goldness.

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The license plate indicates it is an import from the UK, first registered there and brought to the ROI at a later date. One way of looking at these cars is to see them as a poorer-man’s Rolls-Royce. Or as a hyper-Brougham version of an already very Brougham car. I don’t think these cars thrive in Ireland due to the rain but the huge tyres and supple suspension are ideal. I think anyone considering a luxury car for use in Ireland ought to insist on the highest sidewalls possible but generally people shoe their cars as if they lived in Frankfurt.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

5 thoughts on “A Photoseries For Sunday: 1973-1979 Daimler Vanden Plas”

  1. The XJ is one of those cars that simply doesn’t look cool when tatty.

    G-series 911s that haven’t been swissvaxed every second week are the closest thing there is to a cool Neunelfer. 1980s Ferraris with slightly herbed wheels and wrinkled seats also possess that nonchalant sense of style. But XJs have got to be spotless. And this one’s no exception, even when taking my disregard of the SII in general into account. Even the nastiest and smelliest of 1970s Jags doesn’t deserve such an aerial.

    1. Kris. A think I agree with you about tatty XJ4s looking just wrong, but I find that a tatty XJ40 looks OK – though probably not a good car to turn up at an interview in if you’re applying for any job that is even faintly legitimate. Not rusty though, I really can’t abide rust on a car unless it’s some piece of unrestored very old vehicle made from 5 gauge steel, where you know that it will never perforate the structure.

  2. It’s the rust that spoils it. It’s deep and extensive. Scuffing and small dents don’t spell doom the way a flaking, spalling panel does with buboes of paint about to erupt into full bloom.

  3. This was probably a pretty decent example when it arrived on Irish shores; given its vintage, had it not been, it never would have survived this long. However, Jaguars or Daimler Vanden Plas’ for that matter don’t thrive in the damp Irish climate – even in the relatively drier conditions of the Republic’s Capital. The rust on the bottom of the doors is bad enough, but the suggestion of serious rot in the sills and inside the wheelarches suggest this car will not be for this world for much longer unless some rather expensive remedial surgery is carried out.

    Perhaps Mick can help with this: are cars on ‘classic plates’ (as this one is) subject to the same level of NCT scrutiny?

    1. Eoin, once the car is over 30 years old the annual road tax is only €50 annually. This is important because as you probably know road tax in the ROI is eye wateringly expensive. I have a 2.8 which costs an unbelievable €1500 annually just to tax. The NCT is not required on cars first registered before 1980. This is not a rolling date like the car tax so cars that are exempt from the NCT are getting progressively older. Anything pre ’87 can have a zv plate on request which I reckon adds a bit of character even if you can’t tell from a glance how old the car is.

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