Astra du Jour

This is the second last item in the collection, a mid-grey Astra F in five-door guise. 

1991-1997 Opel Astra F in Goslar, Germany
1991-1998 Opel Astra F in Goslar, Germany

The majority in my area are other colours and mostly saloons and estates. I saw this in Goslar, Germany. Nearby skulked a Ford Probe and that’s all the semi-interesting metal I can find in these parts. This generation Astra is not common here. This is one of very few.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

8 thoughts on “Astra du Jour”

    1. Especially nice ones? Those without rust ? I never saw such an Astra for more than 10 years….

  1. I see them from time to time. Most of them are on the big parking lot next to my way to work where older or accidented cars are collected for exportation. There are often nice colours like green, beige/gold metallic or blue.

    1. Today I saw a mint Golf 2 precisely like the one I showed in my Astra design article. There was a bit of Panda in the overall shaping of the car. It made slightly more sense then.

  2. The more you feature these cars, Richard, the more I see a refinement of the Maestro.

    And, that rear wheel arch is growing on me.

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