Knightsbridge, 2016

Today, golden sneakers have taken over from monk-strap brogues.

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Behold the splendid variety and exceptional exclusivity that is the domain of upper class motoring in 2016!

Back in the olden days, my younger self used to indulge in the stiff upper lip, olde worlde charms of Knightsbridge’s crusty kind of wealth. As a young, car obsessed German boy, the illustrious parts of London used to be some kind of automotive mecca: Bentleys and Royces galore, not to mention vintage exotica (at a time when old cars were considered just that in Germany). There was a certain nonchalance even to that aloof chap that parked his Ferrari 456 halfway across a zebra crossing, just because that happened to be right in front of the café where he intended to have his breakfast. Not to mention all those gentlemen in double-breasted pinstriped suits, who always seemed to embody some kind of aristocratic calm. Continue reading “Knightsbridge, 2016”

Far From the Mainstream: Aixam to Artega

Some of these little-known marques don’t justify an entire posting at DTW’s preciously-guarded webspace. 

2000 Aixam Luxe: source
2000 Aixam Luxe: source

So in this post we trot from Aixam who you may know to Artega, who you may not know. Autoscout have 934 separate items for Aixam, maker of small electric cars. The cheapest costs €500 and boasts 4 kW or 5 PS. These cars have a special place in rural France, so far as I have experienced it twenty-five years ago. Elderly people use them as a kind of proto-Dalek Continue reading “Far From the Mainstream: Aixam to Artega”