4 thoughts on “Point, Counterpoint”

  1. That w110 has aged well. I have to confess to much preferring the stacked headlamps of it’s big brother and to not ever liking the fintails. That said putting it beside the w210 puts things in perspective.

    1. Was there some mad intent to evoke the Fintail in the front end styling of W210? I have no recollection of anything of the sort being tossed about at the time the abominable thing was launched, but I do seem to recall Mercedes making a big splash about the fact that it had been designed underwater or some such nonsense – in the Mariana Trench perhaps? There is after all something of the bottom-dweller in the 210’s visage.

    2. It’s a pity it wasn’t left at 10,000 metres below sea level. Never really noticed before but it doesn’t take too much squinting to see a very close relation of a monkfish.

  2. Was that the one about testing aerodynamics with a 1:32 (if I remember correctly) scale model in a water tunnel?


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