Not Again?

We all know the “Alfa is back” narrative. Cadillac has a similar line in deja vu.

2016 Cadillac CT6:
2016 Cadillac CT6:

Automotive News ran a story which had such an eerie air of familiarity that I thought it was a summer reprint. As well as the Camaro and Corvette, the CT6 and XT5 will be made available in Europe, here and there. It’s yet another “Cadillac returns” story that doesn’t add up.

I read the story billed as “Cadillac launches European sales push”. It’s European in that the cars will pushed in places that are in Europe but the UK and Ireland won’t get RHD cars. Few will sell in France, Italy or Spain. The sales expectations are really quite modest, boiling down to finding 2500 people in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland who might want a big-engined petrol-burning car from the US. The description of the customer profile is the one for people who have always bought a Cadillac and not a unicorn demographic created by imaginative marketing people.

Those are demographic target groups that purport to be objectively existing ones that Cadillac just happen to have identified. This time their target group might just as well be summed up as “anyone who is willing to buy a Cadillac”. I’m thinking white guys in their fifties and sixties who also like Harleys.

This is not America: Cadillac BLS

That’s not really a new European sales push. They’ll probably find those buyers and probably make no conquest sales. There really doesn’t seem to be a general market for American cars as long as they look, feel and drive American cars. Sales push? Sales nudge, more like.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

One thought on “Not Again?”

  1. I quite like the looks of this one, apart from that jarring LED strip. Given its size, a somewhat limousine-like stance is the best way of handling this kind of car’s styling. Mercedes, Audi and BMW all try and make it look like the smaller cars of their respective ranges (just more imposing), which doesn’t work at all with cars far beyond the 5 metre mark. Cadillac appears to be slightly wiser in that regard.

    Now all they need to do for me to become more than a closet fanboy is to build that Elmira. That was a proper beauty.

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