Theme : Colour – Another Introduction

Our Editor craves your indulgence.Gerbil

“May you live in interesting times” is the, apparently bogus, ancient Chinese curse which was, at one point, mentioned in our site introduction. It seems that 2016 is certainly shaping up as an ‘interesting’ year and, in Europe at least, many journalists are missing out on lazing on a beach, whilst their remaining colleagues have little chance to sit with their feet up embellishing stories of skateboarding gerbils in order to fill the gaps in what was, in quieter times, known as the ‘Silly Season’.

Nevertheless, it is still the Summer in DTW’s home continent, and our remit is fortunately more trivial than that of news journalists. As such, I hope you will bear with the fact that, mixed in among the new posts, July and August are showcasing some selections of past pieces that you might have missed. More of concern to me is the poor showing of my principals regarding last month’s theme. Were it not for Simon Stahel’s excellent offering on Signature Colours which, if you missed, I recommend, I would be totally disappointed.

But, although rumours to the contrary abound, I am at heart a benevolent Editor. Like the Housemaster at my old school, who spoke to me in such a pleasant way that it was only after I had left his study that I realised that I had just been expelled, I would still prefer to keep the velvet glove in place. So, instead of letting July’s Theme of ‘Colour’ fade into ignominy, I am giving my authors another chance and extending the theme throughout August.

I really feel that there is a rich seam to be mined there, if only they will put their shoulders to the (colour) wheel. The alternative is not worth considering.

2 thoughts on “Theme : Colour – Another Introduction”

  1. Simon: might I point out my sterling work involving yellow and blue cars? Surely my efforts deserve a little more credit. Also, not content with these excellent contributions I also posted “from the field” a micrpost, such was my eagerness to share my experience with our dear, dear readers.

    1. My Dear Richard.

      Yes you did, and Sean managed a paltry piece on red cars. Between you, you covered the primary colours. Where was the violet, the eau-de-nil, the 40 shades of cream? Forgive me if I seem harsh, but it is testament to the high regard in which I hold you all that I expect better from my boys. I’m sure you won’t disappoint.

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