Design and Assembly

Recently we returned to the theme of A-pillars.

Peugeot 1007
Peugeot 107

I went hunting for the ones where the door panel and A-pillar share a surface. It means a shutline runs down the “visual” A-pillar which is itself continuous with the cant rail. It didn’t stop there… I found these three interesting ways to divide the bodyside. Above: note the door’s top edge cuts into the visual A-pillar. The actual A-pillar is partially exposed and part covered. Neatly, there is no need for a pressing to Continue reading “Design and Assembly”

Far From the Mainstream: Brilliance

More rooting in the classifieds…

China Brilliance vehicle range
China Brilliance vehicle range

After a bit of break it’s now time to hit the small ads again and see what else you can buy for the price of a quite good second hand car without buying a quite good second hand car.

Today, Brilliance. One of the two models had Italdesign style and the other had the loving hand of Pininfarina to give it form. Both of these cars are new to me so I have to digest a fair amount of information on your behalf. Continue reading “Far From the Mainstream: Brilliance”