Mystery Car

Our Leinster correspondent has spotted a mystery car on his travels around Ireland’s capital.

What is that?
What is that?

There are no prizes for identifying it but we do welcome some interesting insights. I suspect the paint colour is enough to trigger recollections. That paint colours are so undistinguished now means such gut-responses will be harder to make when we see the mystery cars of 2016 in 2030. Hmmm; metallic grey. It must be a VW, or Audi or Ford or Renault or Opel or  Kia or maybe a Benz… they did that colour in the period 1995 onward? By the way the mystery car is the one in the centre of the photo and not the Laguna parked to the left of it. Those paved front yards are dismal.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

18 thoughts on “Mystery Car”

  1. Definitely Japanese. I was going to say something by Toyota or Mazda but Honda seems about right.

  2. I can’t find any evidence, but I’m fairly sure I read in Motor magazine that this Accord was the first car to have a dashboard made of a single moulding which would have eliminated the usual squeaks and rattles.

  3. The knowledge here really is impressive. I had to check the badge at the back to know it was an Accord. It really looks small now – I would guess a Golf or even a Polo would be the same size. First time I ever saw one.

    1. I wonder how it lasted and indeed why. As I said to our correspondent, Ireland’s not a great place for “ordinary” old cars. The roads, culture, climate and lack of critical mass (egg and chicken scenario) conspire to make a 70s Ferrari less unusual than a ’85 Sierra or even 1990 740 or Renault Five. I would guess each of these still exist: it’s that they in garages or barns and rarely on the road. The W-124 Mercedes is the exception to all that.

  4. Here’s the thing. Honda’s were not officially imported into the Republic of Ireland until (if memory serves) around 1985. That means this car, being most likely a late ’70s edition, would have to have been imported from the UK. The grey import thing didn’t really get going in ROI until late in the ’80s. Exact age is difficult owing to the non-age related ‘classic’ reg number, which does denote a degree of enthusiasm for the wee beastie. So (a) a returning native, (b) a migrating member of the UK, or (c) someone who likes early Accords enough to source one from afar.

    The Acclaim was essentially a contemporary Ballade, itself a saloon derivation of the contemporary Civic. The Accord was a bigger car, so while the dash design was undoubtedly similar, I’d imagine there are dimensional differences – although I feel sure someone more knowledgeable will correct me on that.

  5. Never mind the Accord, identify the car at the bottom right from its wing mirror!

    1. It doesn’t seem to be a series 2 Citroën CX, which normally is the standard answer for all wing mirror questions.

    2. Mick: You should see the wing mirrors on the Jaguar XE. Plastic, they are, with not a stitch of leather or stick of burr walnut anywhere.

    3. Can I remind you about what we were saying yesterday about wasp’s nests and eagles..?

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