7 thoughts on “Micropost – Beige Saab”

    1. I’ve seen that car in the metal a couple of times at Saab meetings when I lived in Denmark. If I’m correct the double headlamp grille is a home made copy of a works rally grille, quite well executed and fairly unique. I think it looks shit though as the front of the car is way too narrow for this set up.

  1. This is a “long nose” with the small windshield, produced between 1965-1967.
    It’s probably a two-stroke since it doesn’t have any V4 emblems on the wings/fenders. Most buyers chose the V4 Ford engine when it appeared in 1967. Therefore it’s most likely a ’65 or ’66 – but of course it could be a ’67, – but probably not a ’68 as it came with a new larger windshield.

    By the way, someone’s done a nice job with the grille!

    1. You could well be right Terje. I seem to recall it’s a V4, hence me dating it ’67-’68. I’m not a model year fetishist, so not sure whether the larger windscreen was introduced for the ’68 or ’69 range.

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