2016 Paris Motor Show Colour Palette

Driventowrite is pleased to present an exclusive examination of the colours used on concept cars at the 2016 Paris Motor show.

2016 Paris Motor show colours for concept cars.
2016 Paris Motor show colours for concept cars.

You’ll notice green is still missing from the palette. Renault’s yellow was really a pearlescent gold. Honda’s Civic had a stainless-steel character to it. Renault’s Trezor’s surface appeared to be textured with a honey-comb effect. Mitsubishi went for white on the Ground Tourer but a vibrant yellow on the (very similar) EX. Mercedes used black paint for the EQ bonnet which disrupted the graphic effect of the fancy grille decoration.

A lot of time disappeared while we talked about Land Rover’s disappointing Discovery. Look what Mitsubishi wheeled out to a general lack of interest:

2016 Mitsubishi Ground Tourer: source
2016 Mitsubishi Ground Tourer: source

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

10 thoughts on “2016 Paris Motor Show Colour Palette”

  1. You missed the lovely orange on the Twingo GT

    … and the two-tone 208 Gti

  2. Ah, just noticed you limited your list to concept cars – my bad.

    1. Absolutely! Keen to see more of these Mitsi concepts.

    2. Your wish is my command!
      Hello Peter and thank you for joining us here. We hope you can take a look around in our huge archive of articles and feel free to chip in to the commentary.

  3. I’ve been out there for the last 3 shows. Friday will be my 4th out there. Its a great show, although the last twice a certain character from this place, we’ll refer to him as Roberto, has caused trouble on various stands. Is there anything anyone wants investigating while we’re out there?

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