A Photo for Sunday – Uwe Bahnsen

Today, we present a photo of a stylist – in at least two senses of the word.

Director of styling, Uwe Bahnsen. Image: Cardesignnews.com
Ford’s Uwe Bahnsen. Image: Cardesignnews.com

You may wonder why Ford’s Köln-Merkenich stylistic output throughout the 1970’s and early ’80s was so assured? If you do, look no further.
We’d all hope the people designing our cars were as finely turned out as Ford’s urbane Uwe Bahnsen and perhaps they once were. However, they really don’t make them like this now, and should further evidence be required, this recent Automotive News piece with Bahnsen’s latter-day Mercedes-Benz equivalent should provide as much quod erat demonstrandum as you can stomach – especially over breakfast.

*Warning, the attached ANE article contains scenes of unfettered egotism, staggering hubris and a genuine sense of a man promoted well above his abilities. 

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

5 thoughts on “A Photo for Sunday – Uwe Bahnsen”

  1. Having just read a Sunday paper and despaired (once again) at the state of ….. everything, I now have had my punchdrunk gaze directed at the AN interview. ‘Sensual Purity’ Gorden? Ever thought about running for public office? Not just because the phrase conjures up a sort of aesthetic fascism, but because it is so blatantly at odds with what you actually do.

  2. Yet another case of a man believing his own bullshit?

    I’ve seen potatoes with more “sensual purity” than the GLC Coupe and the current C Class coupe.

  3. Perhaps the ban on smoking at work has had the effect of making designers more frenzied? It’s not any reason to justify a patently hazardous habit but it is true that smoking and drawing go very well together.

    1. It’s not any old smoking. For a true creative, it had to be a contemplative pipe. In fact, is he the last example of a pipe smoking creative?

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