An A-traktor can only go at a maximum speed of 30 km per hour. They are used by Swedish drivers between the age of 16 and 18, before a full drivers license is permitted.

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These two are based on Volvo 700-series cars. On the black car note the very small load-bay, another requirement of the class.

Winter in Sweden is harsh. Biking to school for a 16-18 year old is not an option for a good part of the year, even if they wanted to do so. For some teenagers an A-traktor is a means to free their parents from a school run or a trip to the local railway station where these cars were parked.

The red car seems to have American-market headlamps which I always felt ruined the look of the 740 along with all the other European cars sold in N American in the 70s and 80s. Volvo 700s seem to be the most common A-traktors, followed by 200-series cars and some Saab 90s. I found evidence of a Mercedes W-126 and Porsche 928 A-traktor as well.

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