15 thoughts on “Mystery Car”

  1. It’s a Ford Fiesta. The facelifted one with the Aston Martin grill.

    Oh, the car on the left you mean? The wing is reminding me of the ancient Nissan Stanza, but the door’s saying Renault. So I have no idea!

  2. I’m going to hedge my bets on a 1979-83 E70 Toyota Corolla. Probably way off the mark???

    1. It’s my guess too although the detail on top of the indicator doesn’t look right and the front wing seems too long.

    2. I’m with you on this one Sanjay. The combination of the body side crease and the side repeater over the front wheelarch clinches it for me. In addition, the aftermarket boys tend to gravitate to them.

  3. Agreed Mark, the little sky blue bit could be an aftermarket bit of trim??? After all, the alloy wheel looks a bit trick…

  4. It’s Japanese for sure, although as John says, there is the merest hint of Renault. My knee-jerk response was a first-generation front-drive 323, but that’s not it. The door aperture says Mitsubishi, but A-pillar forward suggests Nissan or Toyota. My knowledge of obscure Japanese an-ony-me just isn’t refined enough for this question…

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