Mystery Car – The Big Reveal

Here is the whole mystery car.

1979-1983 Toyota Corolla (Europe spec).
1979-1983 Toyota Corolla (Europe spec).

Well done to those who got it correct. This is what the car looked like in 1979:

1979 Toyota Corolla, Europe market
1979 Toyota Corolla, Europe market: source

There are not many good photos of the 2-door version. Here is a clearer picture:

1982 Toyota Corolla 2-door saloon: source
1982 Toyota Corolla 2-door saloon: source

I was going to say that Toyota borrowed a lot from the E30 BMW 3-series. It turns out the E30 is from 1982. It’s probably a coincidence. If you want a car like this, be prepared to go hunting. The ones I found cost about €4000 and were not saloons but the shooting brake.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

6 thoughts on “Mystery Car – The Big Reveal”

  1. The top picture also reminds me a lot of the Maserati Biturbo. The resemblance bekomes somewhat less striking in the bottom picture where the car can be seen more clearly.

    The similarity to the E30 probably really is a coincidence. Both cars represent very upright, thin-pillared, RWD-proportioned designs in the style of the time. Detailing is quite different, though.

    1. I agree – I even wondered about that Maserati, which I what made me think Italian and thus Prisma. Pathetic, I know – I blame reading too much Colin Dexter!

      I’m up for this being a regular feature if Simon can be convinced. Perhaps Richard or Eoin can buy him a bottle of his favourite tipple.

  2. Thank you Richard,

    What a warm feeling of accomplishment I had when you posted the answer.
    I for one would welcome the ‘Mystery Car’ challenge as a regular monthly feature.

    Would this have the support of the congregation, I wonder????

    1. I’d certainly support such a regular feature. Maybe I’d also be able to contribute with a few pictures of my own.

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