A photo for Sunday Article That Got Out of Hand

Just for once this is not a car on my street.

1981 Saab 900 Safari: Niels Moesgaard Jörgensen
1981 Saab 900 Safari: Niels Moesgaard Jörgensen

It is one of two remaining Saab 900 Safari estates.  The other one was offered for sale in 2014. Notice the red car in the link has the bumpers from the 1987 Saab 900. Saabists can help clarify this difference. You might also want to compare this limited-series car with Alfa Romeo´s 75 concept car. We will be reporting with two articles on the Saab museum (where this car was spotted) during the Christmas period. I might do a third.The title photo is by Niels but I took some photos as well (they seem duller and a tad blurrier): This conversion is very correctly done and makes one curious as to why Saab didn’t attempt an official version. Torsional rigidity could have been a problem? Still, that’s now three cars which could have kick-started the life-style estate fashion; this blue Saab, the Jaguar XJ-6 and the Alfa 75.

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In hindsight it seems like a really obvious idea. Evidently people were mulling it over but getting cold feet. All three firms would have really benefited from being in at the beginning of the estate car trend. The blue velour interior is simply excellent.

This is the text accompanying the Safari: “Saab never offered the 900 as a station wagon. Instead the customer could get a Combi Coupe which combined beautiful design with a practical and easily accessed luggage compartment. This Saab 900 station wagon was built in 1981 in a few examples by Nilssons Karrosserifabrik in Linholm. The order came from Setrab and Saab bought this example…” Nilssons are still in business and do a very pleasing hearse conversion based on the Volvo S80. The stretched version is also nicely done.

There seem to have been a few attempts at a Saab 9000 estate car. This one is labelled 9-8, based on a late series 9-5 (click here):

Saab 9-8 estate car
Saab 9-8 estate car:  source

And this one shown in 2015 is styled the Saab 9000 Aerokombi and was made in Kiel, Germany, by a Saab specialist:

2015 Saab 9000 Aerokombi: source
2015 Saab 9000 Aero combi: source

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6 thoughts on “A photo for Sunday Article That Got Out of Hand”

  1. I forgot the Combi Coupe when I was writing my bit on Estate Cars last month. Another effete device like the Audi 100 Avant. Shameful really from the nation that brought us IKEA.

    1. Effete devices? For me the Saab and the Avant are classical hatchbacks, which I appreciate. It’s not their fault that their companies tried to market them as estate substitutes.

    1. Glad to hear that they apparently listened to their German speaking customers.

  2. Not making an estate might also be affected by the most common car of Sweden in that time, a Volvo estate..
    The home market has always been crucial to the swedish car companies and I think that Volvo ate that whole segment.

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