Micropost: Mid-Greens

My search for green paints in current cars didn’t turn up much. This and this and this, only. However, these. These are properly green.

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Today I saw this 2006 Ford Fiesta and a Skoda Felicia. These are the greens that are now in short supply. If you really want to

see the Fiesta in all its verduous, verdant glory then here it is.

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Did this colour ever get past the Fiesta/Fusion level at Ford? I imagine a Focus or Mondeo (the 2000 model) would look excellent in this shade. The Opel Corsa’s colour chart had a shade called Lime Green which is not unlike the Fiesta but brighter. A real eye-charmer is the Oriental Blue which Opel offered on the Meriva and Corsa:

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(Opel images source: here)

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

12 thoughts on “Micropost: Mid-Greens”

  1. Green was my ‘favourite colour’ for a while when I was a kid (you sort of felt obliged to declare a favourite). I still have no objections to it but I’ve never owned a green car, not even Sherwood Green. I’d quite like a Lime Green Mehari.

  2. I am an unabashed green fan, and the Felicia looks excellent – but, I can’t say I’m a fan of the Fiesta. It looks drab rather than vibrant.

    I enjoyed some of the lightweight greens that Fiat was doing in the late 1990s, when it still seemed an acceptable choice:

    1. The 147 doesn’t take that green very well. Good colour, wrong car. A non-metallic green might work, perhaps, with white in it, not pure green.

    2. Hmm. That particular shade is a tricky one to photograph, but to be fair, that image isn’t actually an unreasonable representation – perhaps a touch on the oversaturated side. It’s very rare, which might be part of why I like it. They did an interesting purple shade too, but in general it must be said the 147 palette in general was quite restrictive and a bit dull.

  3. Hi I recently borrowed a new A class mercy in green very similar to the colour of the fiesta. Never seen this in any other Mercedes. Personally I like green but definitely no BRG.

    1. Hi Simon: BRG can look almost black low lighting. Most of the greens are at the dark end. The Fiesta is a little grey, I agree, yet it flatters the car. It’s hard to imagine a green A-class. I will go and check…

  4. Mercedes do a nice metallic sage green on the A-class. Not sure if it’s available on other models.

    1. I saw one of these the other day and didn’t quite believe it.

      The car does nothing for me, but the colour is great. Quite close to British Leyland Tara Green. Chrysler UK did a similar colour in the ’70s, often combined with an off-white vinyl roof.

    2. I think that colour is illegal in Denmark.
      Actually, the leasing companies won´t select that and the A-class is nearly all about leases. Rover had a colour like that on the SD1: Trident Green.
      The Mercedes is saved by the colour.

  5. It was a launch colour so I have to imagine it lasted about 10 seconds on the market, but technically, Fiat did a very vibrant metallic green on the most recent Punto FL:

    All the same, it’s no Punto GT.

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