Theme: Sudamerica – Fiat in Uruguay

Uruguay is the second smallest state in South-America. Being right next door to Brazil, it’s natural enough one can buy Fiats there.

2016 Fiat Uruguay range: source
2016 Fiat Uruguay range: source

There are two South American specials (if I can be so Eurocentric) in the Uruguayan range. One is the Uno and the other is the Palio Adventure. Looking at the Uno we find a vehicle that evokes the Panda but isn’t a Panda. Fiat Brazil came up with this one and Fiat Centro Stile developed the appearance. Note the asymmetric grille. It’s Type 327 for Fiat anoraks. The underpinnings are from the Fiat Palio, making it something of a middle point between the Panda and Palio. 

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There are two engines: a 1.0 litre Fire and a 1.4 Fire Evo. Quite why Fiat Europe don’t sell this here beats me. Maybe it’s because Fiat already have eighteen small cars in their catalogue.

Here are some Uno details. It has a four-cylinder, transversely mounted engine capable of mixed-fuel use. The compression ratio (are they interested in that in South-America?) is 12.35:1, 85 hp at 5,500 rpm and it’s 3.8 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and 1.6 metres tall. It weighs just over a tonne.

The Palio Adventure is an altogether different animal. While I presume the appearance is in line with local tastes, I am a little surprised as it looks excessively body-clad, rather like someone’s mistaken idea of what is needed in a tough driving environment. It is related to the Palio Weekend.

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The Palio has a 1.6 litre engine and is not very long. The website says 4.3 metres. The chassis goes back to the year of 1996 when Bill Clinton was president and nothing seemed very worrying in the world. As of 2015 the Palio name has been dropped (according to Wikipedia) so the basic model is the Weekend (for the estate). So someone should tell Fiat Uruguay.

[Slideshows credits: Panda, Uno, Palio front three quarter, Palio side, Palio rear,, Palio Weekend]


Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

4 thoughts on “Theme: Sudamerica – Fiat in Uruguay”

  1. Interesting. I was in UY this time a year ago, was struck by two things. First, there were many, many Citroen Meharis. Second, there were unheard-of, at least in the US, Asian cars. The one that sticks in my mind is BYD, short for Build Your Dream.

    I hope you’ll discuss both of these surprises.

    1. Hi: I hope to turn to the Chinese brands as well as the ones we know. I expect the Chinese have a growing sales base as I rather presumptuously imagine that South-American standards are easier to comply with.

  2. The “Attractive” Uno trim level seems to feature across the Mercosur markets, and also Mexico. Never mind Spanish and Portuguese – is “Bubblegum English” becoming the lingua franca of Latin America? ‘Uno Attractive’ doesn’t work well for the Anglophone – one letter more than “Unattractive”.

    There are also “Celeb” and “Firefly” versions. Fiat are welcome to the first, but I think less of them for plundering the Alvis lexicon. At least they weren’t the first. GM had a Pontiac Firefly, a Suzuki Cultus sold in Canada.

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