Theme: Sudamerica – Chevrolet in Uruguay

This is a micropost. Chevrolet have a huge range in Uruguay. This is what is looks like when seen from space:

2016 Chevrolet Urguaguay range: source
2016 Chevrolet Urguguay range: source

The Chevrolet Celta Mk1 (see below) was based on the Corsa B, on sale from 2000. It seems to have stopped production. In 2006 Chevrolet revised the car but it still seems to have its roots in the Corsa B. The Onix is a partial replacement. The giveaway is the split A-pillar: the front window frame is half of the A-pillar, just like the Corsa B (1993-2000). GM have done really well out of the Corsa and indeed Opel. I notice a lot of what they sell around the world has its roots in Rüsselsheim. There is no way they are shutting down Opel and there is no way Opel actually makes a loss. Its an accounting wheeze.

2016 Chevrolet Celta: source
2016 Chevrolet Celta, one of 19 vehicles GM sell in Uruguay: source

As per my other research into the South-American market Ford is not offering a lot of variety. The Uruguayan concessionaires offer the Fusion, the Fiesta Kinetic (hatch, saloon) and the Focus (hatch, saloon) plus the Ranger, Ecosport and Explorer. Oddly enough, Citroen offer nearly the same range in Uruguay as they do in Europe, except the C4 is sold as a saloon. They even try selling the DS range.

Author: richard herriott

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2 thoughts on “Theme: Sudamerica – Chevrolet in Uruguay”

  1. A great spot. I was trying to think where I had seen the Celta’s roof before. Indeed, tracing the routes of any GM product from visually identical parts is a terrific pastime.

  2. The Celta (sold as Suzuki Fun in Argentina up until a few years ago) withdrew from the market this year. It will not be missed.

    source: Celtas are everywhere here.

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