Micropost: 2016 Opel Corsa

In the rental car lottery I drew the Corsa straw. There will be a short report on it before very long.

2015 Opel Corsa
2015 Opel Corsa (not the car tested).

The first thing I noticed related to the spec. They have Adamed this version so it has more of a feel-good factor than the one I rented in 2015. I drove off in the dark which somehow made me more aware of the delightfully light steering and also the fun way the dials do a test sweep of the car’s instrument faces. It’s a pleasant vehicle to drive around town and the city-steering makes it a breeze. The day’s mission is a four hour drive over motorways and country roads. We’ll see the car bears up in the course of the day…

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

6 thoughts on “Micropost: 2016 Opel Corsa”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks the “new” Corsa has a face only a mother could love?

    1. I tend to agree – I actually find the previous car, although a bit out-moded, looked better; such as tends to be the case with facelifts.

  2. It’s all down to expediency – had GM and PSA’s plans not gone astray, the Corsa and 206 would have been replaced by a joint venture supemini some time ago.

    The current Corsa is an oddity in the increasingly commonalised GM pantheon, as it still uses the 11 year old Fiat GM Small/SCCS platform. The 2018MY Corsa F will get the next-generation GM Gamma platform. The Mokka/TRAX and Karl/Viva/Spark sit on the current Gamma II platform, the Adam and Meriva B use the SCCS.

    I find it mildly interesting that after the supermini JV was dropped, Peugeot and Opel adopted exactly the same plan of action for their updated superminis, launched two and a half years apart: superficial re-skin, chassis tweaking, new corporate downsized engines, usual ‘connectedness’ rubbish.

    1. Connectedness rubbish: I agree. I wasn’t aware the 208 was only a re-skin…

  3. Richard, I do like the contrarian nature of your cheer leading for GME, but can’t but think that if this were offered to the market by another manufacturer, it would be subjected to a scathing design critique instead.

    An imagined conversation from within the design bunker…

    ‘Change the side window line, it will make it look new and improved!’

    ‘But we haven’t got enough budget to change the inner rear door trim to match!’

    ‘Don’t worry, just bodge it. Focus on the new touch screen!’

    1. To be fair I have queried this strategy already. GM could do much better than this make-over. You’ll find I am not that impressed with the looks (externally). That said it’s still got positive attributes that mean it’s quite a decent car.

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