Theme: Sudamerica – Are There DAFs for Sale in Suriname?

Suriname is South-America’s smallest country and it has a strong Dutch connection.

2016 Chevrolet SUV range in Suriname: source
2016 Chevrolet SUV range in Suriname: source

Until 1975 it was part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch is still the official language of state. So, I wondered, is it possible that DAF cars were sold there and do any remain? So, I tapped in “Suriname autos te koop” and discovered that the only DAFs are trucks. There are no Volvos there either.

Toyota’s marketing in the region is centred on the Caribbean. Since Suriname is more culturally Caribbean this makes sense. To see what they have for sale, click here. The range is biased towards utility. The RAV4 and Land Cruiser and four pick-ups dominate the listings but the one saloon they sell is the Camry.

2016 Joylong van: source
2016 Joylong van: source

The same importer also handles Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Mahindra, JAC, Joylong and Jinbei. The Chevrolet range is large enough: six SUVs and three passenger cars. Poor old Mitsubishi make do with two pick-ups, variants of the Sportero. Mahindra have just the Scorpio DC. Jac is represented by a forward-control van-based pick-up. Joylong and Jinbei sell small van-based busses. I notice that these small buses seem to make up a noteable proportion of the dealership’s portfolio.

Rudisa Motors hold the franchise for a broad range of cars: the FCA cars (but not Fiat), Hyundai, Mercedes and SsanYong.

Ford´s range is not so large: the Focus, the Explorer, and three trucks (the F-150, Ranger and Superduty). The Focus comes in four versions, all with a 2.0 Ti VCT engine, the S, SE, ST and Titanium. The images at the website suggest the saloon is offered as well as the hatchback. Peugeot and Opel seem not to have a presence. Ditto Renault. If you want to buy a Renault in Paramaribo you’ll have to accept a Trafic.

Turning to Nissan in Suriname, Datsun is a name that is also in use. You can choose some familiar names: Juke, Qashquai, Pathfinder and X-Trail. It’s not very exciting.

BMW are sold in Suriname by a Jamaica-based dealer called ATL. I failed to find a web-site for a BMW dealer in Suriname. Honda sell only the CRV. And VW sell a range of commercial vehicles: Amarok, Caravelle, Caddy and Transporter.

We are getting a picture here of a small and rather peculiar market.

Finally, if you want a Toyota Raum, there is one for sale for 6950 USD.

2005 Toyota Raum in Suriname: source
2005 Toyota Raum in Suriname: source

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