LA Motor Show Shorts 2

Very short this time. While everyone else is wondering if this three-row, seven seat leviathan can crack the US market for VW, I am wondering if…

2017 VW Leviathan: source
2017 VW Leviathan: source

…VW has a thing about gold metallic paint. Looking past the attractive paint, I notice they have chosen to give it a curious-looking feature line down the side, one paralleling the wheel-arches which are very nearly squarish. The headlamps and grille are styled to look rational – is this what the SUV buyer in the US actually wants? I had argued they want something quite ugly and butch-looking. I mean that buyers of SUVs who use them to cart junk and do heavy work probably don’t care a lot for Bauhaus geometry. The people who do will buy a Q7, I would have thought.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

6 thoughts on “LA Motor Show Shorts 2”

  1. VW have a thing with feature lines right now. They’re adding this to every new model, not to their advantage. But this one with its strange bumps is certainly the worst of the bunch.
    I’d never have guessed that this ill-proportioned thing with its wannabe BMW D-pillar could be a VW. It seems to me that they want to repeat their failure with the Chrysler-based Routan which I hear must have been a massive non-seller and looked equally ugly.

    1. That’s true – but is VW really in the situation to play these points in the US? Dieselgate and poor reliability image are the first things that come to my mind here.

  2. With all these big ‘turds’ (as Mark James so succinctly struck on the correct technical term) around, I find the motoring landscape is changing to a point where it’s as if my favourite Tapas Bar now just serves 2 types of Meat Pie. Probably a clunky analogy and, although I’m a Londoner, my real-world experience of Spanish Snack Food is embarassingly slight for someone who would like to be viewed as part of the Liberal Metropolitan Elite.

  3. Richard, but isn’t just so, without thought, wit or any kind of intelligence. It’s also lacks confidence for a VW, as if they have lowered themselves to create a look which is so self consciously ‘not German’. How the mighty has stumbled and fallen.

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