Guangzhou Revelations

The Guangzhou Motor Show has just ended. BMW are hinting at their front-drive future.

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And if you can click here you can see it’s one of a few cars revealed that are not cross-overs so be thankful for small mercies. As a matter of comparative interest I have also posted the BMW 1 and 2 series coupés. They are very alike, aren’t they?

2016 Qoros GT: source
2016 Qoros GT: source

Qoros are still battling away. This time they have given the saloon some plastic trim and a raised ride height. It’s for people who want the appearance of an off-roader but the comfort of a saloon.

If you are wondering what Pininfarina are doing, it’s repeating history. They are offering consultancy across the Chinese auto industry, much as they did in the 1950s and 1960s in Japan. The DX3 doesn’t look very Italian. Here is the SEM DX3 which is about halfway in size between a Mazda CX-3 and CX-5. For all its busy styling there is nothing very distinctive about the car. There’s a hokey C-pillar, as usual.

2016 SEM DX3: source
2016 SEM DX3: source

Credits. 2-series: Autocar, 1-series Europe, 1-series white, 1-series blue

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

7 thoughts on “Guangzhou Revelations”

  1. I was under the impression that BMW was preparing a four door version of the 2 series coupe. Ideally with frameless windows. This would be like a pint-sized 6 Gran Coupe, which not only suffers a hideous name but is far too wide for European roads. A 2 series could keep the hideous name if it wanted – with a straight six engine driving through an auto box to the rear wheels, it would otherwise be perfect.

    However, it now appears that BMW has prepared a lower, saloon version of the X1. This is significantly less enticing.

    A transverse, FWD 3 series could be with us sooner than we think. And that is a sad prospect.

  2. “As a matter of comparative interest I have also posted the BMW 1 and 2 series coupes. They are very alike, aren´t they?”

    I think 2 series is the name of the 1 series MkII over here, which would explain why they are ‘very alike’, yet not quite the same…

  3. The 1-Series coupe and 2-series coupes are, in Europe, two different cars. I’ll investigate further. Chinese cars are bewildering. I run in, grab something and run away with my brain on fire.

    1. They are different because they belong to different generations. The coupé/2-door variant was renamed to 2-series with the generation change, much as the old 3-series coupé is now a 4.

    2. In Richard’s defence the prestige German marque’s mania for segmentation does make it difficult to keep up or indeed to care. Especially when they replace that quite neat looking three volume 1-Series with the flabby and over wrought 2-Series. (Other opinions are available by the way).

      Interestingly, even though official photos of this China-only 1-Series saloon have been released, none of them appear to offer a clear unambiguous shot of the car that would allow the casual observer the ability to adjudicate on its stylistic merit. If they get the proportions right, it could be quite nice, but until I get a decent view…

      Since it’s unlikely to receive a six cylinder power unit – I doubt it would fit – the fact that it’s FWD isn’t perhaps the issue it could have been. Anyway, BMW’s already crossed that Rubicon. How many generations of 3-Series can we expect before it goes electric only I wonder? Will anyone care which end is driven then?

  4. That SEM from Pininfarina is staggeringly unoriginal. The brief went something like this I imagine. Pininfarina: ‘So what do you want the DX3 to look like?’ SEM: ‘Everything!’

  5. I´ve addressed the 1 versus 1 series issue in the form of a fictional reader´s inquiry. In my own attack, I had no idea the 2-series was not a 1-series. I´ve looked at them and all seem to have the badge delete option. All will be revealed at the crack of dawn tomorrow plus other findings. Thanks Sam for drawing this to my attention.

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