Mystery Car

Our correspondent in Sweden, NMJ, has had the good fortune to see one of these. What is it?

What is this?
What is this?

This kind of thing is what you can see if you keep your eyes peeled when roaming around Sweden. It was behind glass, hence the reflections that are apparent in the image. There was an old-favourite of DTW parked nearby which I will show a little later on in the week.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

18 thoughts on “Mystery Car”

    1. I second ‘terjebjornstad’, I would also go with an early 60s Bentley S3 Continental. Although the lack of side strip is causing me some anxiety??

    1. Yes, there’s that distinctive diagonal thingy running across the base of the quarterlight. I was thrown by thinking that the flanks had a particularly bulging curvature to them, which I now realise is the reflection of another car (next week’s mystery?)

    1. Looks a bit like a 1960s Aston down the flanks, but the windscreen is too square. I would guess that it is British, or perhaps a British or Italian coach builder plying their craft on a British car. An outside bet would be an Italian marque. The rounded DLO suggests 1960s, but the square windscreen says late 60’s.

  1. Did I miss it? By the way, not the foggiest – my initial reaction was Bristol’, but then I thought the previous Toyota was a Lancia. I’m ni good at this (new Espace spotting asides).

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