28 thoughts on “Connect the dots #3”

    1. I jest, of course. Unless it turns out I was right, then I meant every word.

      Something to do with plastic or GRP construction?

  1. Is it something in common to all four or a chain of connections?
    The Reliant is an outlier geographically and the Citroen historically. Two are GM models with little in common. I’m stumped.

  2. Is it that they are all unplanned engineering derivatives – i.e. the original cars were never intended to become the cars that are the subject of this fiendish puzzle?

    1. A good answer, but not the one I’m looking for.

      In answer to Richard, there’s no chain. The fact which links all four is common to all.

  3. Reliant is out on its own: they are in a shed disconnected from the rest of the industry. I can get from opel to olds lots of ways; Citroen’s engine is a Wankel and maybe Claus Luthe connects us to GM via a protege (Wayne Cherry?). Still that leaves Reliant. Ogle designed Reliants. Tom Karen worked for Ogle. Er… Are we down to things like batteries and commodity components?

  4. Such is the awe in which I view the Parazitas Reference Facility that I imagine I will kick myself at not having picked up on the fact that they all share a 2.65 degree taper on the transmission output shaft.

    1. Brochure printed on the same paper type? His next one is set up for Boxing Day. That should disturb some people’s Christmas.

  5. I fear that Jesus himself may make his comeback before anyone guesses this. (He’s probably weighing up the impact of a 2016 late Q4 Second Coming as I write. Is the target market shell-shocked, or would it be the icing on the cake?)

    Anyway, to give the vaguest of pointers, the link is one of the automotive road less travelled on DTW, but one in which I’ve shown occasional interest here.

    And it’s not South American utility vehicles, Isuzus, nor municipalities in Nordfriesland.

    There is of course a Borgward connection, because all roads lead to Bremen, but it’s so esoteric and deeply buried that only Nick Graves would remark on it.

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