Mustang Micropost: Compare and Contrast

What do you do when your product’s character derives from a particular look? Here’s how Ford revised the Mustang for 2015.

2015 Ford Mustang and its predecessor (right)
2015 Ford Mustang and its predecessor (right)

The overall change is that Ford have accentuated the horizontal character of the vehicle, front to back. While the old car looked more brutal and Aston-Martin-esque, the new one has smoother blends, and the two features that interrupted the front-to-rear flow are gone: the heavy B-pillar and the J-shaped scallop. At the front the lamps are slimmer and wrap around to the sides, again stressing horizontality and width. I think the previous car looked more masculine and robust. The new one loses some of that in the name of flow.

In a sense there is not much you can do with a re-design if you have to maintain generation to generation visual continuity. The main elements are retained but all adjusted within limits. The same kind of thing has happened with the Audi TT and the Golf. The Mustang isn’t only about a package and a certain type of performance. The customers also want the look. And the catch with this is that signalling change can be difficult. Too much and the customers go away, and if the look is the same the critics criticise the conservatism.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

One thought on “Mustang Micropost: Compare and Contrast”

  1. Was following my pal’s 2015 Mustang GT the other week, and it is the rear view that really stands out as different from all previous models. Very wide and low with a bit of the rear suspension gubbins hanging down. We were crossing a large suspension bridge at the time and on the various expansion joints, the new one’s suspension doesn’t make the body bob up and down like the old solid axle version, or for that matter a Honda, the leader in overly-snubbed limited travel suspension vehicles. Boing!

    I checked and the rear track on the 2015 is 2.5 inches wider at 65.4 inches. Couple that with the suspension bits instead of free air around the solid axle, and the beast looks far meaner than before from the rear. As to the rest of it, I’ll defer to your better understandings of styling. I just know whether I like them or not!

    All the best in the New Year.

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