6 thoughts on “Connect the Dots #4”

  1. Robertas: did I miss the answer to the last one?
    I notice another Reliant. That means the three cars have nothing in common. Reliant did everything themselves except for Lucas (?) electricals.

    1. The solution to the previous puzzle will be revealed in all its convoluted glory tomorrow.

  2. All three had pioneering bumper technology (debatable in the case of the Reliant). The 127 was the first car with polypropylene bumpers on steel supports; the R5 the first to have integrated, moulded plastic bumpers; the SS1 used ‘flexible’ RRIM polyurethane, although really the 928 and Fiero beat Reliant to the punch.

    1. It’s a good answer, but not the one I had in mind.

    2. This might seem a bit obvious, but one thing does link all three cars. Premature death. Renault’s Michel Boué succumbed to cancer in 1971, while Fiat designer Pio Manzú was killed in a car accident in 1969. Giovanni Michelotti died of cancer in 1980, before much of the SS1’s design and body construction were finalised. So all three represented the final act of their respective designers, none of whom would live to see them introduced.

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