A festive riddle

Three ‘difficult’ automotive children. What links them?

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The Chevrolet Corvair has nine where you would expect to find twelve.

The Alfasud has sixteen where you would expect to find eight.

The Rover 2600 has six where you would expect to find twelve.

What are they?

7 thoughts on “A festive riddle”

    1. The ‘difficult children’ comment was from Mr. Editor Kearne, but I would not dream of contradicting it.

      The Alfasud was the Italian Hillman Imp, an all-new car built by a notoriously bolshy workforce in a new factory on the edge of a large urban area which the car industry had largely by-passed, with good reason.

      If it had been the 1971 Hansa 1200, things could have been very, very different.

  1. The Corvair Monza yet another one from my past, oh if I could only relive those innocent times again.
    Has anyone seen the original advertising and test films on you tube of the Corvair? Not to be missed!

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