Theme : Compromise – An Introduction

The Editor tries to come up with a theme that everyone will like.


Hello again and welcome to 2017.  This month’s theme smacks of Compromise. I’m torn between my absolute loathing for compromise in any shape of form, and my evangelical desire to broker compromise in any situation. So I’ll just say that compromise is, more or less, alright.

The politician who snarls ‘No Compromise’ through spittle -flecked lips often ends up hanging by their heels from a lamp post, if only metaphorically. But then so, often, does the politician who always compromises. So that probably says more about politicians than compromises. The truth is that compromise is an inevitability in any situation that involves more than one person and, indeed, since we often overestimate ourselves, we frequently end up compromising when no-one else is around.

That the motor industry has a history of compromises is an inevitability. Any mass-produced object intended for a wide market will end up deviating from its creator’s absolute intentions. But is this a bad thing or, indeed, might you argue that there aren’t actually enough compromises in the world of motoring?

It’s the start of a New Year, after a very acrimonious Old Year. If we are to survive, compromise is in order. Let Driven To Write lead the way! Unless you don’t want us to. In which case I’m sure we can sort something else out.

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