A photo for Sunday: 2004 Ford Fusion

Night lighting is continuing to fascinate me. Under the bright, cold glare of a street lamp, this Fusion showed off the car’s essential character.

2004 Ford Fusion

The wheel arches stand out here as does the upper surface of the body side above the feature line and door handles. The time is nigh when I should get a camera able to capture the depth of black and the richer colour of night lighting.
This same car many could walk past in daytime without taking a second look. Not DTW readers who appreciate subtle design. At night time, alone on a street and with a well-positioned lamp, the Fusion stands out and one can see more clearly what the stylist had in mind. The rather uninspiring paint job now comes into its own here. If this had been another, darker colour, it would not have emerged so strongly from the dark.

Unedited alternative

[I normally don’t alter any parameters on a photo. The only thing I might do is crop or alter the angle a degree or two. This photo has an earlier black point and I nudged the saturation to bring out the green but only so it looked like how I remember it rather than to create something that was not there.]

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

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