C what I did

Further to Sean Patrick´s excellent idea about decals to give your boring car a more contemporary, fun and sporting look, I have shown three products in the upcoming range.

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The decals make the car more premium, add a touch of dynamic flair and increase the perceived quality by accentuating the maturity of the style. Graphics and sculpting together produce a greater sense of athleticism while underlining the greater modernity of the cars.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

16 thoughts on “C what I did”

    1. Is that a joke? It looks terrible, no? I really like the angle and flow of that C pillar into the rear wing – like the Mk4 masterpiece.

  1. Richard. I think you might have solved DTW’s cash flow problems. I have a vinyl cutting machine. We can advertise them on one of those dreadful motoring websites that allow advertising. All we need is a smart brand name.

  2. Easy. Your brand name can be Sharklets. Like the B-pillar shark fin on my Yeti, you have created shark fins for the C-pillar.

  3. Talking about absolutely appalling C-pillar treatments, have you seen what Audi have done to the Q2? I spotted one on the road yesterday and my God, it’s awful: a huge sheet of faux anodised aluminium. Just appalling.

    1. As bad as it seems in the photos, it is worse in the flesh. The massive piece of matt finished plastic looks jarring. Other finishes are available, apparently, but I cannot see how they would improve things by much. A window would have been far, far preferable.

    2. It really surprises me that you guys go on about that ghastly panel on the Q2 as if it is the first time ever you’ve seen it?! Eh? Pictures of this car has only been out since what, March 2016?! The same panel in black looks very much better – but definitely needs to be without the crass four rings the poor Launch Edition gets.

    3. Oh and remember this panel is a dealer changeable item. So you can just go to your dealer and change it to whatever colour you fancy.

  4. I wasn’t joking with my comment. I’ve never liked that generation of Golf – too bloated.

    1. Come on, it was a huge improvement over the even more bloated 5th generation, given that it’s only a reskin!

  5. 99Johann: I think many had forgotten about it. I haven’t given that car any thought since I saw photos in ’16. I suppose the point is it’s still an unsatisfactory effort. It’s not really very Audi to have such a frippery, is it? They make a good living satisfying customers’wish for sober classicism. Maybe VAG should have tried the personalisation schtick on VW or Seat.

    1. Talking about decals that ruin a car have a look at what some people do to their Yetis! They cover the beautiful shark fin B-pillar with a black cover!!! Gosh. One of the Yeti’s best features is the vizor windscreen wrapping perfectly around the A-pillars up to the B-pillar. And of course the same for the glass from the B-pillar back around the rear.

      No, no, no, a million times no. And this plank below did do this and then forgot that to really make this look work you have to make the mirrors black too. Doh.

    2. Le Corbusier supposedly said words to the effect of ‘well, they must be right then’, when his workers’ villas at Pessac were modified by their occupants.

      But, I suspect he said that through gritted teeth. In fairness (to the owner) the black roof is a Skoda option, which also spoils the original intention.

  6. 99Johann: those changes to the Yeti are, if I can be elitist, examples of the gap between the designer´s outlook and the layman. The designer finds the vertical symmetry interesting while the layman´s strong sense of the normal is offended. The same sort of view means the Cube is widely rejected yet loved by a few with equal vehemence. It´s a tough one in these user-centred times. When is the user, in fact, a moron? How much is design merely pandering? Setright and others railed against dumb customers, taking the view that the customer might need a bit of education. Goodness knows, I have been a dumb customer myelf on a few instances so I am not above reproach.

    1. Very true. Thankfully most 99% of Yeti owners on the Yeti forum are offended by the B-pillar covers, so they understand the design. All I did to mine is to swap the body colour mirror caps for gloss black ones (from the Yeti Monte Carlo) to emphasise the vizor effect.



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