Theme: Compromise – Second Best

Wish fulfilment takes many forms…

Image: Kris Kubrick
Image: Kris Kubrick

Life isn’t fair. By rights we’d have our needs and wants fulfilled but circumstances, finances and events conspire to deny us our true heart’s desire. Take the owner of this perfectly innocuous Audi TT. A first generation model; the nicest looking of the series, if not the most dynamically adept. ‘A Golf in a party dress’, sniffed the more snobbish automotive commentators, but nevertheless a perfectly nice and still quite stylish way to get around on a moderate budget.

Clearly the owner of this car had his (I’m making a fairly confident stab that the owner is male) eye on something further up the Audi firmament however. An R8 perhaps? But these are expensive machines with running costs to match and as we’ve established, life isn’t altogether fair. But even if you can’t always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need. Or (as in this case) you take matters into your own hands.

It’s tempting to laugh at such a nakedly transparent attempt at deception, but perhaps it makes the owner feel a little better about his place in the world, while by the same token providing harmless amusement for the likes of us.

But equally, perhaps the laugh’s on us – don’t we all have to settle for something?

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

7 thoughts on “Theme: Compromise – Second Best”

  1. Thanks for that, the picture made me chuckle. I imagine the driver has a good sense of humour.

    I have noted that the opposite also seems to be the case with BMW i8 drivers. I much prefer the versions with blue accents, but seemingly many owners choose to delete these contrasting panels. There also seems to be a trend to repaint or wrap i8s in more prosaic colours, such as the matt maroon example I occasionally see driving past my office.

  2. Age has made me far more tolerant of this sort of thing. And also the realisation that, as Chris points out, something like this can often be carried out tongue-in-cheek. Why not?

  3. Our vinyl enterprise is going from strength to strength. For those of us whose financial or moral credentials don’t stretch to an SUV, we are offering these instant ‘high-riding’ decals for that convincing ‘go-anywhere’ look. As proof of our conviction, we are already installing them on the DTW fleet.

    1. For your neck of the woods, we find the option where the grass is replaced with the bodies of Hampstead liberals is proving popular.

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