World Cars 1984 (2) : Bertone Ritmo Cabriolet

In the second of a short series, I will remind readers  of what was on sale in 1984, courtesy of the much missed “World Car Guide”.

1984 Bertone Ritmo cabriolet:
1984 Bertone Ritmo cabriolet:

In 1984 Bertone offered a cabriolet version of the Ritmo, with its own badge on the grille. By 1984 Fiat had restyled the Ritmo slightly: the air intake on the bonnet vanished in a tidying frenzy. The car had a roll-hoop to add rigidity, probably a necessity for a vehicle as fundamentally light as the Ritmo. Another Ritmo cabrio option existed: the Pink Panther, also put together by Bertone.

19884 Bertone Ritmo "Pink Panther": source
19884 Bertone Ritmo “Pink Panther”: source

For the interior colours and materials Bertone collaborated with Gian Franco Togno, a furrier. As a result the Ritmo Pink Panther has leather, suede and mink inside it. The paint looks like a reddish-gold pearlescent. I wonder how many exist. The car is not well represented on the net. The image I found (above in black and white) does not hint at the mink and suede glory of the car.  The furrier, Mr Togno, is also not referenced. This is a genuine obscurity, I think.

Fiat, is of course, a huge empire and its Brazilian outpost offered the Oggi which is a saloon version of the 127. Like the European 127, the Oggi had transverse leaf-springs. I rather like the car’s decidedly chunky proportions; more perplexing is why the 124 could not do the same sort of job. The two vehicles’ dimensions and weights are probably within a one or two percent all around.

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9 thoughts on “World Cars 1984 (2) : Bertone Ritmo Cabriolet”

  1. The Oggi looks good indeed:

    Not sure what you mean by this though – “more perplexing is why the 124 could not do the same sort of job”?

    1. Probably because the 127 was produced in Brazil, and the 124 wasn’t.

    2. Laurent: by “good’ do you mean “bad”? Because that’s what I would’ve said the Oggi looks like. Really, really bad.

    3. I quite like the rugged simplicity of it. Of course it’s no patch on a 131 coupé:

  2. I’ve always been very fond of the original Ritmo for some reason. I don’t like the Bertone vert half as much, in fact I think it looks pretty mediocre compared to e.g. a MK1 Golf cabriolet.

  3. Are there more pictures of this Ritmo Pink Panther – i would like to see the interior with those seats.

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