A Photo For Sunday: 1984-1991 Opel Kadett

This car is a kind of pithy comment on recent Opel news. 

1984-1991 Opel Kadett E
1984-1991 Opel Kadett E

You don’t see many around and you see even fewer Golfs and Escorts of the same period. The same goes for the other cars. My street is a nest of Astras (saloons, mostly) and I think this is a tangible riposte to the assumption that there’s something wrong, in principle, with Opel. Interestingly, or tellingly, I saw the new BMW 5 series today, a sport model in dark blue with blacked-out window frames. I gazed at it and it resisted my inspection.  Nothing about the car commanded my attention other than it was possessed of a palpable emptiness.

Not so long ago one could look at a BMW and notice its quality and distinction. The E28 and E34 were notably a slice above the Ford Granada and Opel Senator/Omega. The difference was less pronounced for the ultimate Omega: the Opel had a few slightly untidy features the E34 did not have. You could just about see where your money went.

These days a Ford Mondeo and Opel Insignia stand out for their brightness. The current Astra which I was unsure about, seems to be conspicuously sleek (that daft C-pillar actually works to lengthen the car) and it almost has the impression of being saturated, colourwise. The shadows are expertly orchestrated and it makes me want to look at it to see what is going on.

Isn’t it perplexing that a car costing three times the Astra blends into the background while the nominally workaday Astra leaps off the page, even if it is not on one? Well done BMW for getting people to pay so much money for what amount to invisible cars.

The BMW is shown below.










Author: richard herriott

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