Live (again) From Geneva 2017 : Day One (Updated)

Driven to Write’s embedded correspondent, Robertas Parazitas reports from the 87th Geneva International Motor Show.

Image: Robertas Parazitas

Press conference mania!

Tuesday 7th March 14.33 CET

Peugeot:  In French – unusually – but I didn’t catch any reference to taking GM’s European operations under the lion’s paw. Much jubilation about the 3008 COTY result. Talk of reinventing as a mobility business, connectivity, autonomy.

Suzuki:  I can’t get any great excitement about the new Swift, but Sir Ratan Tata was sitting in one as soon as the covers were off. Understandable given that Maruti Suzuki are where he would very much like Tata Motor to be.

Opel:  Carlos Tavares on the stand, smiles and handshakes. Karl Thomas Neumann says the new Insignia is the spiritual successor to the Kapitan Admiral and Diplomat – big photo appears with him and his personal Diplomat V8 coupe. Probably lost on those who weren’t German and well past their first youth.

Big emphasis on chassis and mechanical 4×4 system.  Karl Thomas says it will “upset the upper class”. That was the plan for the outgoing Insignia, but the premium rivals beat it hollow for sales. Good luck to them anyway.

Alpine A110:  This could be a modern French car I could do business with. Light, fast, efficient, and true to the spirit of the originals. To cost circa. €58,000, so close to Boxster or upper level TT money.

JLR:  The Velar does little for me – how many reworks of the theme do we have to endure. A different story with the I-pace, if the range and performance numbers are to be believed. Another number; 200 prototypes are already on the road for an early 2018 on sale date. Bring it on!

Monday 6th March 19.20 CET

It’s work in progress in the halls. Good chat with Felix Eaton, of new start Eadon Green. £1.5 million 5.5 metre long V12 retro supercar, still under wraps. Horacio Pagani was holding court on his stand. Disappointed that Dieter Z didn’t do the Daimler rehearsal himself, as he did last year. Rebecca Ferguson did the live music act herself in person.

Biggest surprise so far is the HUGE, rather baroque Cadillac stand. The VAG Reich is fully behind black curtains, likewise Volvo and Maclaren.

We got a peek at the Insignia Grand Tourer. Vauxhall badged! Rather Citroen C5-ish, too many pillars for my liking.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

One thought on “Live (again) From Geneva 2017 : Day One (Updated)”

  1. Is there a template speech provided to all motor industry chiefs these days? Reinvention – check. Mobility – oh yes. Connectivity – ka-ching. Autonomy – job done. The four step programme to staying relevant in changing times.

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