Geneva 2017 Reflections – Butch Insignia

Looks like someone’s been hitting the weights…

Image: Mercedes Benz

Looking for all the world like some kind of steroidal Insignia Grand Sport, the Mercedes-AMG GT concept sees the once mighty Daimler slide further into a self-reverential maelstrom. 

Put yourself away, love. Image: Autoguide

Because for those of you wondering how the more interesting and considerably more intelligent Concept IAA from 2014 would manifest itself, your answer is here in all its vacuous, pumped up vainglory.

Mercedes Concept IAA. Image: Gizmag

So as Mercedes’ reputation continues in ever decreasing circles before disappearing down the plughole of irrelevance, let’s reflect on another Zetsche/Wagener meisterwerk.

Showroom Dummies indeed…

Author: Eóin Doyle

Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

12 thoughts on “Geneva 2017 Reflections – Butch Insignia”

  1. So that was the intro… Now tell me, what wrong with it? Apart from the customary giant rims, that is.

    1. Though really I have to agree with Laurent that I don’t mind it. Is that victim syndrome – that just because they’ve stopped battering my eyes with all those meaningless side creases, I’m pathetically grateful? But at least it has curves that go, more or less, where you’d expect them. The wheels are awful though and, if you’d told me it was a concept for the next Jaguar XJ, I’d have believed you..

  2. The front end treatment is at odds with everything Mercedes has been doing for the past decade – both production models and concepts. I don’t particularly like the current Mercedes look, but it is at least recognisable. Something about the headlights and grille here make it look very generic.

  3. It goes from one extreme to the other. This shape shows very, very little expression at all. It´s quite generic. I think it might have been interesting for Audi to do. Or even Ford or Opel with the right graphics front and back. I can´t see MB getting very with this and as it is, the front would be good for Ford (and I am not trying to be insulting to Ford). I mean Ford have a certain kind of style and it can often be good (less so this month). This car has almost no cues and certainly nothing but that grille to make it an MB.

  4. Apart from the grille, it’s the rear lights. When I saw the top photo I was thinking “why do they put GLE lights on an Opel?”.

  5. I prefer the first-generation A7 to this new one… oh wait, I only just saw the front.

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