Reminders, Part 2

Last week DTW reminded readers about the last, the final Mitsubishi Galant. Below is the car that inspired it.


The Galant’s designers weren’t allowed a wholesale replication. The mechanicals had the usual tough Mitsu character and the engineers packaged it well. The shaky Fordesque shapes undersold a decent product. So apart from being quite good actually, it looked quite bad – the malformed secret twin of the handsome 2000 Ford Mondeo (above). To make that point I would like to have had a clear side profile of the Ford in saloon, sedan or notchback format. None appeared on Google’s image results, none that I liked anyway so I decided to

2004 Mitsubishi Galant:


find one one locally. In a week of looking I’ve found all its peers but only these plain and unloved examples, examples of a car I considered common. Is 2017 the year the 2000 Mondeo’s numbers dropped sharply? Its older peer, the 406 is soldiering on. Vectras aplenty; 626s as well.

On the other hand, I see swarms of Suzuki Ignises which is a car I considered an oddity.

Oddly numerous in my district at the mo’

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

4 thoughts on “Reminders, Part 2”

  1. I finally spotted one – a base model, Mk 2, series 1 saloon in metallic grey with no brightwork. It’s too dark now (10 pm, Danish time) but it’s there tomorrow I’ll snap it for posterity.

  2. I have snapped the car for posterity – it´s the same car as was in the orginal post but in very slightly better lighting. At the other end of the scale, I found a Denmark-market rarity, a full fat, late-model Mk 2 Mondeo in Ghia V6 trim. And that´s not Titanium. Sadly, the interior was still a bunch of grey cloth and there was no wood garnish. I will add the photo later.

  3. Richard, may I congratulate you very hard for highlighting what I consider to be one of the great unsung heroes of Ford design. Is it any coincidence that the best looking iteration of the Transit also appeared the same year? Add to these the original Focus, and what we have here is Peak Ford. Whatever they were ingesting in the late 90’s was very good stuff.

    1. Thanks. Yes, Ford had a good period with well-liked, respected products that charmed the critics, public and enthusiasts more or less equally. From an aesthetic perspective, familiarity breeds indifference. It’s not until late in the day one can see properly how much quality these shapes have. Thousands of hours went into their refinement and the public overlooks it because it ends up on every street. Maybe it’s just me but I still look at these cars with interest.
      What happened next? If it ain’t broke then get it fixed. After 2005 Ford sank back into the mainstream, designwise. They have no turkeys but nothing very distinguished, despite a lot of obviously talented people (you have to be).

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