They Got This One Right

Sino-American Lucid Motors have revealed their Air saloon, a truly good-looking car.

2017 Lucid Air: source

Take a look at these photos. This is what a modern, elegant and distinctive car looks like. It will be on sale in 2018 though only in Canada and the US. The details can be inspected here. What is interesting is the approach Lucid have taken, managing to give the car a clear identity without recourse to strange detailing and without obviously using a grille-like oblong at the front. 

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One is almost tempted to say (or one actually does say) that this is what a modern Citroen should look like: add a Chevron on the front and this is a CX for our times which is not what you would say about Citroen’s recent offerings in the large car class.

2017 Lucid Air, annotated: source

The rear view shows a large glass panel and quite dynamically tapering C-pillar which avoids the current trope of fake glazing. At the front, the air intakes are two minimal slots, again running completely counter to the vogue for extremely complex forms.

This is what Citroen are suggesting, by way of contrast:

2016 Citroen Cxperience concept car: Citroen

Slide show image source: Autocar.


Author: richard herriott

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7 thoughts on “They Got This One Right”

  1. That’s really rather neat. At first, I wasn’t a big fan of the overly sculpted flanks, but since their concave theme is very well reflected also at the front and the back, it looks right overall. The sparse detailing is very much to my liking.

    The only thing that makes it a non-Citroën is the long rear overhang and the notchback. I’d like the CXperience with the front and back detailing of the Lucid, please. And can I have smaller wheels and real tyre flanks with this?

  2. This is what I’d like the Tesla to look like. A cab forward package seems to be a much more logical solution for EV requirements. This and the Jag I-pace may signal such a change, which I’d applaud.

  3. I very much like the front and rear end treatments, their sparsity reminding me of Detroit’s finer efforts towards the mid to late 60’s. The rear hatch is an interesting approach and looks enormous, so I hope the opening is powered. The flanks are a touch generic in a modern Renault fashion, but tidy nonetheless. Only the side DLO disappoints me sightly; I would’ve preferred to see a more interesting approach to the C-pillar. But yes, this is a fine first effort and far more interesting than Tesla’s earliest cars. Terrible brand name, mind.

    1. I’m very thankful for the simple DLO. We’ve really had plenty ‘interesting’ C-pillars by now.

  4. Yes, it looks good, but it also looks like a concept car. And it’s relatively easy to make a one-off design like this – a production version is much harder.

    There are a few start up operations now announcing new rivals for the Tesla – but will they succeed? I am more than a little doubtful about that. These guys are taking orders now but first deliveries are not scheduled until late 2018… hmm.

    What Tesla has achieved is incredible – but they are still some way from being profitable. Lucid Motors will need very deep pockets to make this work.

    1. I agree, but my comment was only about the aesthetics, rather than the business case for this kind of automobile.

      My hope is that there’s a middle ground between the i3’s alienating, made-to-measure approach and the Model S’ faux-ICE appearance. So far, the styling of EVs have been lagging far behind their engineering (i3 excepted, but I’m a fan). I want to become enthusiastic about new cars once again!

    2. I think i3 sales would have been stronger, were the transition from concept to production not handled so poorly. That said, I may still look at one in the future.

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