Postcard From Schleswig 6

There stood enough rusting Opels in the field to make a poignant half-article in Classic & Thoroughbred.

Opels Diplomat and Monza

Not shown are a Commodore and a Kadett estate or the lucky runner parked on the verge nearby. 

It seems Schleswig-Holstein is Opel territtory. Nearby up the road a Calibra rested; at a used car lot even further along I saw Bertone’s follow up to Sunday’s Photo car. Yesterday I spied a bright green Commodore (no camera) plastered with advert text notifying by-passers of a local pharmacy. That was near Glucksburg castle, resplendent in the morning sun (no camera!).

Schleswig-Holstein once belonged to the Danish crown. It looks quite Danish and a large minority speak Danish. They favour the same house-styles but are not as virulently pro-chainsaw as their cousins north of the border. Their suburbs have lots of big trees and are the better for it.

In the evening I monitored traffic from the hotel we stayed in (Flensburg) and a steady stream of unusual (for Denmark) cars passed: Tigras, Porsches, two different Twizies, a Tesla 3 among others. Owning a nice car is alot cheaper in Germany but the television is inane – hence the attraction of the window.


Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

9 thoughts on “Postcard From Schleswig 6”

  1. I like Schleswig-Holstein. ‘Very Flat’ as Noel Coward would say, but it’s a nicely productive yet unassuming place. Even rusting cars are parked neatly. And a rusting Diplomat is a very classy derelict in my book.

  2. Are you sure that was a Tesla 3? The only 2 I have heard of being caught in the wild are a blue and black one spotted last week here in the Bay Area, not far from their production facility in Fremont. If it was a 3 you may have just scooped the first pre-production tester in Europe.

    1. That featureless face is hard to miss. The two testers I have seen pictures of were both dark. I am holding off on thoughts on the front aesthetic until I see it in a light color. What does have me concerned is the roof line. In some of the angles it looks out of proportion with the body. In one it was next to a current generation 3-Series sedan and looked downright clownish in comparison. What has me appalled is the interior.

    2. Having refreshed my memory of the interior, I see forms that look like a car designer’s underlay before all the fussy details are added. It’s a dead simple shape; they were clever to try it but it can’t be done for the second generation.
      What’s your beef with the interior?

  3. It has all the warmth of an antiseptic medical ward on a 70’s era sci-fi spaceship. In pictures it looks out of place that the iPad interface isn’t displaying patient vitals. And then there is the iPad. It’s placement on a stalk gives it a cheap aftermarket appearance. Add to that in every picture I have seen the iPad has a glossy screen which, if it makes it into production, is going to be a glare factory. DVD rental kiosks have more personality. And eventually someone is going accidentally rip one off and lose the ability to drive their car in a manner that is impossible in every other car ever made. It is a point of weakness that exists only out of an incomprehensible need to put FUTURE STYLE® ahead of function that makes the engineer in me boil with rage. I would probably lean towards apathy if the screen was set into the dash, but it isn’t and I’m not.

    I will be interested in the public’s reaction and awaiting tales of woe from those living with that screen.

    1. You do a twisting swipe movement diagonally on the screen with thumb and little finger and 2 vents appear as graphics. You can choose between circular and rectangular.

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